Scout Curated Wears

Stone Wrap Bracelets


This delicate stretch stone wrap bracelet features beautiful semi-precious stone beads and effortlessly converts to a necklace. 

Turquoise | Stone of the Sky. It is a mood elevator and allows the soul to express itself. Encourages enthusiasm, peace, balance, truth, wisdom and forthrightness. Uncovers artistic abilities.

Howlite | Stone of Harmony. Brings contentment, calms and soothes. Offers restoring energies.  Opens the mind. Inspires positive change. Encourages communication.

Amazonite |  Stone of courage. It reflects boldness, soothes the spirit and calms the soul. Enhances communication and harmonious interaction. Brings truth, honor and integrity.

Mexican Onyx | Stone of Confidence. Awakens inner strength and encourages positive thinking. Brings guidance and intuition. Focuses the mind and removes self-doubt. 

River Stone | Stone of Balance. Gives the wearer energy from waters around the world. Facilitates change and encourages balance. Grounding and harmonizing. Attracts prosperity and good luck.

 - 34" length


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